15 Quotes from Thomas Watson on Repentance

One of the most quotable Puritans of all time is that of Thomas Watson (1620-1686). And one of his most finest works is his short gem published by Banner of Truth called “The Doctrine of Repentance.” Here are 15 quotes from it:

  1. A repenting person fears and sins not; a graceless person sins and fears not.
  2. Sin is worse than affliction: sickness, poverty, death. There is more malignity in a drop of sin than in a sea of affliction, for sin is the cause of affliction, and the cause is more than the effect.
  3. To boast of sin is to boast of that which is our infamy; as if a prisoner should boast of his fetters or be proud of his halter.
  4. We are to find as much bitterness in weeping for sin as ever we found sweetness in committing it. Surely David found more bitterness in repentance than ever he found comfort in Bathsheba.
  5. Spiritual sorrow will sink the heart if the pulley of faith does not raise it. As our sin is ever before us (Psalm 51:3), so God’s promise must be ever before us.
  6. We are never more precious in God’s eyes than when we are lepers in our own.
  7. Sound repentance begins in the love of God and ends in the hatred of sin.
  8. [A regenerate man] hates the serpent not only for its sting but for its poison. He hates sin not only for hell, but as hell.
  9. To the godly sin is as a thorn in the eye; to the wicked it is as a crown on the head.
  10. Never do the flowers of grace grow more than after a shower of repentant tears.
  11. It is not falling into water that drowns, but lying in it. It is not falling into sin that damns, but lying in it without repentance.
  12. Till sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet.
  13. The sins of the wicked pierce Christ’s side. The sins of the godly go to his heart.
  14. A repenting soul subscribes to God’s will and answers to his call, as the echo to the voice.
  15. Sin first courts, and then kills.

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